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5 Top Interesting Iphone Apps for Book Lovers

5 Top Interesting Iphone Apps for Book Lovers

  1. book-apps-for-iphoneGoogle Books

This application allows access to more than 3 million Google eBooks on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can take all your favorite books wherever you go on your mobile device. Google eBooks can use books to buy and read them on your application. You can change the font and details about the book. You can also search within the book. This application provides an online playback mode, night reading mode, and voice support. It is available free of charge advance. You can store an unlimited number of books in the digital cloud. You can easily manage your library.

  1. Audible

Audible.com’s main digital audio books and more on the internet providers are now available on your iPod Touch and iPhone. This application consists of the experience of the audio book that covers everything and always consists of delivery of your Audible.com files, optimized player statistics audio player overall listening and much more. Sleep mode, bookmarks, chapter navigation, free mode button, the speed of the variable account and download at play are just some of the best features of this app. You can explore more than 100,000 digital audio books and more Audible.com. You can earn badges and check your own listening habits. You can also get insider information about the author’s events and much more with the flow of new sounds.

  1. B & N Bookstore

This is the official app of the Barnes & Noble bookstore. It can be a very good companion for people who love loving books and those in the world of books need quick access. You can find your iPhone camera and buy more number of books, use music CDs and DVDs and also see all the other things provided in the online store. Store Locator in this app will help you find the Barnes & Noble present supermarket in your area and help you to see the upcoming events, and directions to the store will get B & N.

  1. Books- 23,469 Classics to Go

With this program you can download nearly 23,469 free classic books. These application developers took all these classic books and packaged them, allowing users to download and read your e-reader. All books are covered and high resolution critical. You can see the works of Shakespeare, the Autobiographies of Franklin and Carnegie, the letters of leaders, the collected works of the brains, the philosophy of Seneca and Plato. They can come together with other books. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch requires iOS 4.2 or more.

  1. Weird Facts 1000

You can get tons and tons of strange, cool, strange and wonderful fun facts with this application. You can see through all these strange things and learn new things every day. You can easily impress your friends with all the fun facts. You can also send these strange facts to your friends. If you have an iPhone with iOS 4.0 or higher, you can also send SMS to these interesting facts to them. You can also add the weird facts to Twitter or Facebook by simply touching the clipboard. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and requires iOS 3.0 or higher.

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