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Impact of Mobile App on E-Commerce

Impact of Mobile App on E-Commerce

Impact of Mobile App on E-Commerce and consumers in recent years, especially in the electronic business traffic significantly and will be more dominant in the coming years. It is expected to increase mobile data usage by 80% over the next 5 years. Some of the most notable ways that show how mobile apps have changed the face of e-commerce:

impact of mobile app on E-CommerceMobile Commerce and Shopping

Due to the increased demand, it is very important these days for the E-Commerce portals developed for their mobile application since about 75% of the traffic came from there. By the ease of use, users prefer to buy mobile rather than get to the laptop or even open the page in your mobile browser.
Purchase Characteristics

According to statistics, most of the mobile application purchases come in a fraction of a second. Users do not take the time to make decisions and also facilitate payment requirements.

There is no doubt that mobile applications keep customers busy for a longer period of time if they are well developed and have a good user interface.

Increased Reliability

If e-commerce application is safe, fast charge, provides a seamless user experience seamless interface, users will find the reliable brand. Reliability is a factor that has the greatest impact on the activity of a mobile application.

Brand Loyalty

If you are an e-commerce application that has a great feature set and is not too hard, it will take longer to become the favorite customer. Some people only have limited space on their mobile phone, so once the brand maturity build, they are not interested in installing another 50 apps and e-commerce apps and on.

impact of mobile app on E-commerceTrust

Trust has always been important when it is something that involves payment. With the growth of mobile apps and the positive reviews that have gathered around security and privacy, people are making wary payment with their cards, making online purchases.


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