IOS VS Android


IOS vs android
                               IOS vs Android

Mobile operating system (OS):

A mobile operating system is an operating system and a set of data/program designed to run on mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, tablets and other portable devices. It manages mobile functions, all the hardware parts, internet connectivity and efficiency of the application software.  It is the software platform, including the main applications, middle ware and operating system on mobile terminals.

Different Types of Mobile Operating Systems are:

Symbian OS (Nokia)
Bada (Samsung Electronics)
Blackberry OS (Research In Motion)
Palm OS (Garnet OS)
Windows Mobile (Windows Phone 7)
OS Android (Google Inc.)
IPhone OS / iOS (Apple)

Among the above list IOS and Android are the two main and popular Mobile Operating Systems  and the difference between them are:


IOS is a platform that has strict guidelines. Because iOS is not open source, so the tools

are limited and set to the development of iOS applications. Nothing comes out that you just follow, what happens in the model. This means iOS is not too flexible. The reason for this is that iOS does not compromise security. IOS vs android

The software development exchange argues that we must commit one of the limits of availability and security. Just as iOS disk is limited and there is nothing for deep development. No malware attack in IOS. The possibility of data loss is 50%. IOS does not provide full access control for your users.

The approval of the Play Store application takes a long time. There are many limitations when playing an app to load a store. 90% of the iOS devices is running the latest iOS updates. Paid apps are available in 155 countries. IOS applications are developed in Objective C or fast.


IOS vs android
                           IOS vs Android

Applications is a platform that consists of three layers, the operating system and the application backing layer. Android is not just the operating system. But it is the combination of these three layers.

IOS vs android

Android is so flexible because it allows third-party tools. It’s because Android is an open-source form of plaque. Android can affect security. The malware can attack Android data easily. The possibility of data loss is 75%. It provides full access control for users. Approval of memory game applications is very fast, within 6 to 8 hours. The guide is flexible memory games. 0.4% is the latest version of Android is running. Paid apps are available in 132 countries. Android applications are developed in Java.

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